Your NHS Wales Experience Questionnaire

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Please reflect on your experience as a patient of this practice

The experience that you have of care is important to us. This might be an appointment with your doctor or health visitor, a hospital stay, an outpatient visit or something else.
We would be grateful if you could complete this survey so that we can understand this better.
The questions are based on the things that patients have said matter most.

  • We will ask you questions about your latest experience of healthcare. Please help us by giving your honest opinion.
  • The questions mostly have 4 options and you are asked to tick the answer that you feel best describes how you feel.
  • Some of the questions have ‘not applicable‘. Please tick this if the question is not relevant to your experience.
  • We do not need to know your personal details but have asked some general questions at the end about who you are. This is so we can make sure we are asking all groups of people about their experience.
  • If there is anything we have not asked you, please use the space at the end of this survey to tell us.
  • If you would like to discuss this survey or ask any questions about it please contact

Thinking about your overall first impressions of the care you received


Thinking about the place where you received your care

Thinking about your understanding and involvement in care


Thinking of your responses

Equality monitoring

We are committed to ensuring that everyone receives fair and equal respect. Whatever your age, disability, ethnicity, faith, gender reassignment or sexual identity, you can expect to be treated with dignity. We can only achieve this with your help by providing the information below.

Please choose one option that best describes your religion
Please choose one option that best describes your ethnic group or background

Privacy Consent

Data will be used for monitoring purposes only and held in strictest confidence. Your identity will not be disclosed to anyone. Please read our Privacy Policy to discover how we protect and manage your submitted data.


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